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We're creating a place where refugees can find happiness, cultivate personal growth, and access restorative practices. But we can't do it without you. We rely on individuals and groups that take a leading role in fundraising for programs and bringing them to life on Lesvos.

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Fill out the form below. ​Select the program you and your community will be most excited to bring to life.We'll get back to you quickly with a personalized fundraising page like this sample.Inspire your friends, family, and others to chip in and help launch your program.We'll provide you and your supporters with a monthly update with images of your program in action!

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How much does supporting a program for a year cost?

The average program requires about $10,000 in annually funding.

Who do these programs serve?

All programming benefits, and is often led by, refugees currently staying on the Greek island of Lesvos. Lesvos serves as  the unofficial entry point of the European Union and often houses tens of thousands of refugees.

Where do the programs take place?

All programming takes place at our Dave Schultz Sports, Arts and Wellness Center in Lesvos, Greece. Our center is a place where displaced people can find happiness and cultivate personal growth. The support of these programs is critical to keeping the center alive.

What does the money pay for?

The funds pay for the initial purchase of equipment, instructor / teacher fees, and rent at the Sports, Arts and Wellness Center.

Any TIPS for leading a successful fundraiser?

Fundraising is easier when done together. If you can, rally your family, team, coworkers, church members, classmates, or other groups you may belong to and have them co-lead this program adoption with you.

Any other questions?

Don't hesitate to email us any other questions you may have. You can email our cofounder Zoë Pappis, directly at