Refugees in Lesvos are deprived of opportunities to build physical fitness, access counseling and mental health resources, develop peace and friendships across cultures, and generally escape the day-to-day realities of the camp.

To address these needs, WWBT is opening a Sports and Wellness center to help provide individuals with ways to find purpose and growth, as well as a sense of belonging and community.


​The Wellness Center will host an array of programs, including (but not limited to): mindfulness, group and private therapy, martial arts, fitness, and field sports. One of our key principles is that many of the programs are “by refugees, for refugees”. Instructors and teachers often come from the refugee community.

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The center relies on the generosity of individuals like yourself. Please consider supporting this special place.

For inquiries regarding large gifts and more materials, you can reach out directly to WWBT co-founder Zoë Pappis - Zoe@wwbt.org

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You can have a huge positive impact on Lesvos by adopting a sports, arts, or wellness program serving displaced people at our center! 

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Site Manager

Stavros Mirogiannis

WWBT’s boots on the ground, managing and coordinating all activities and partnerships. 

Stavros previously served as manager of the 1,200 person Kara Tepe refugee camp on Lesvos from 2015 - 2019, where he  was heralded for his emphasis on maintaining dignity and ensuring quality conditions. ​

When his tenure as site manager ended in August 2019 amid a change in local government, the refugees staged a demonstration in protest, chanting “We need Stavros!”.

Who is Dave Schultz?

Dave Schultz was an American Olympic champion wrestler known for his ability to build friendships and fan bases across political divides. He was considered wrestling’s greatest ambassador, and was extremely popular in the Soviet Union, Iran, and Cuba during a period of heightened tension at the end of the Cold War. Dave is the father of WWBT co-founder Xander Schultz.

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