Join us in Lesvos. Enjoy Greece and see our work.

A trip to feed the soul

We take small groups on thoughtfully crafted, all-inclusive trips that allow open-minded travelers to experience two different worlds with the goal of making a positive impact and fostering deep human connection.

Throughout the trip, we explore traditional Greek villages via exclusive experiences led by locals. We cook local cuisine, visit ancient castles and sea-side villages, and participate in activities that make up the authentic Greek lifestyle.

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The gateway to the west

​Lesvos is a large Greek island in the northern Aegean Sea, just off the coast of Turkey. Ancient olive trees and stone home villages dot the rolling hills that make up the landscape.

Living in those homes are some of the kindest people we've ever met. Locals are always amongst friends and family, sipping Greek frappe's in the morning and laughing over Ouzo in the evening. True to its' Greek roots, conversations often revolve around philosophy and politics.

Due to its' location, Lesvos has become the epicenter for refugee migration to Europe, with over a million people passing through the island since 2014

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The Hosts

Xander and Zoë are the founders of When We Band Together.

We started this company after volunteering in Lesvos in 2015. We're committed to helping fund impactful initiatives that better the lives of refugees while keeping in mind the local people and the land.

This retreat is a way for us to share what has become an incredibly special place for us and continue to serve our mission. We look forward to sharing this experience and spending time with you!

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We look forward to sharing this experience and spending time with you!

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