The Sports, Arts and Wellness Center for Humanity

A sanctuary where women and children can cultivate mind and body.


Refugees in Lesvos are deprived of opportunities to build physical fitness, access counseling and mental health resources, develop peace and friendships across cultures, and generally escape the day-to-day inhumane realities of the camp.

To address these needs, WWBT runs a Sports, Arts and Wellness Center outside of the camp that is open daily to help provide individuals with ways to find purpose and growth, as well as a sense of belonging and community.


​The Wellness Center hosts an array of programs, including (but not limited to): english lessons, children's education, arts, guitar and music, mindfulness, group and private therapy, dancing, fitness, and field sports. One of our key principles is that many of the programs are “by refugees, for refugees”. Instructors and teachers often come from the refugee community.


Adopt a program

You can have a huge positive impact on Lesvos by adopting a sports, arts, or wellness program serving displaced people at our center!